How Do I Make My Own Website?

Today, it is easy to create a website. All you need is a desire to have one and a little extra money as well as a domain name, hosting and files to display. Of course, there are strict requirements for each item. Luckily, a very simple website can be created by just about anyone. The best part is, you do not have to know how to program.

Some available products like Wordpress for blogs, Weebly, Wix,, SiteBuilder and others offer everything you need to register a domain name, design your website and host it! The step-by-step instructions are relatively easy. Most provide a drag and drop website designer as a benefit to using their service. The resulting sites will look good but are not ideal for running a business or for professional representations because they have a generic look.

When you are deciding on a service to use, make sure the resulting designs look modern with plenty of white space and are mobile friendly. Also, make sure you will have plenty of design templates to help you choose a modern style. Don't forget to do a little research as to the services' online reputation including uptime and customer services. Once you decide, build a website and show it to the world!

Keep in mind that every once in a while you will have trouble with your site. Most services only provide the tools for you to use. Their customer service helps you with issues related to those tools and not the programming code of your website. However, some will provide DIY articles and videos to help you or give you some advice. A service like can contribute to keeping your website free from bugs and fix problems for you at a reasonable cost. There are monthly subscriptions to keep your costs under control and provide access to a skilled programmer when you need it. Go ahead and check it out and enjoy your new website!