Is My Site Hacked?

In today’s realm of the evil web, site owners must protect against malicious users, DDoS attacks, SQL Injection and many types of malicious acts. Site owners have an inherent responsibility to protect their site visitors from harm. A protected site is easy to promise your guests, but difficult to realize.

Imagine one day you decide to show a business acquaintance or friend your website. You are excited to get their opinion on a site that you made. As the site loads, you get a disturbing message that the site has been hacked because your browser alerts you to the problem! Or, you see a message in place of your site that tells everyone your site is suspended due to malicious activity. A hosting provider will discontinue the site if malicious activity is reported or detected. This problem presents a devastating and disastrous situation that has already damaged the site code, your reputation with search engines and users as well as creating a complex issue that will take an expert to resolve.

To fix this grave problem, you will need to take immediate action. Your site has to be made accessible again and a backup loaded into your hosting account. Next, you have to make peace with your hosting provider and attempt to get removed by the search engine and antivirus blacklists. Not to mention, rebuilding your reputation with users and with SEO rankings.

Repairing your site doesn’t sound too complicated on the surface but is very hard to complete in the correct way. That is why important services like take the pressure off of you and handle everything in a professional and complete process. They offer one-time website repair requests as well as affordable subscription services that include malware cleanup and many other website maintenance services. Have a look at the website and gain the confidence you need to protect your site, your clients and your reputation!